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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I hope it’s one where you…


…wait no…


…crap!  no!  Still not it… oh right!


Reblogging to remind folks of where it all started and how we came to



P.S. The title of the song translates to “I would die for you”

Kill La Kill Thoughts - Why Hot-Blooded Girls are Awesome!

Naturally, since the series finale of Kill La Kill just ended, there’s no way I’m going to say anything out in the open without a “Read More” button.  To those who haven’t seen the whole series, SPOILERS UNDER THE BRAKE!

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  1. chobits
  2. death note
  3. free!
  4. jackie chan
  5. jackie chan
  6. jackie chan: the revenge
  7. jhackie chan
  8. jackie
  9. chan
  10. jackie chan: the redemption
  11. jackie channing
  12. jacki chan: never stop channing
  13. jackie cha cha
  14. jackie chan: the ultimatum 
  15. jackie chan: the revolution
  16. jackie chan 360
  17. jackie chan
  18. jack
  20. jackei chan

What?  ONLY 20?!  Pssshhh.  I can name 100!

What, don’t believe me?  Watch! I’m going to limit myself to ONLY TV series (AND in Alphabetical Order!!)

  1. Anpan-Man
  2. Ashita No Joe (Joe of Tomorrow)
  3. Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atom)
  4. Babel II
  5. Bamboo Blade
  6. Berserk
  7. Bikkuriman
  8. Candy Candy
  9. Captain Tsubasa
  10. Card Captor Sakura
  11. Chibi-Maruko chan
  12. Child’s Toy (Kodomo No Omocha)
  13. Cowboy Bebop
  14. Crayon Shin-chan
  15. Cutie Honey
  16. Cyborg 009
  17. Detective Conan (aka “Case Closed” in some places)
  18. Devilman
  19. Dokaben
  20. Doraemon
  21. Dr. Slump
  22. Dragonball
  23. Eureka Seven
  24. Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken)
  25. Flame of Rekka
  26. Fruits Basket
  27. Fullmetal Alchemist
  28. Fullmetal Panic
  29. Fushigi Yugi
  30. Galaxy Express 999
  31. Gatchaman
  32. GeGeGe No Kitaro
  33. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  34. Ghost Sweeper Mikami
  35. Gintama
  36. Himitsu no Akko-chan
  37. His and Her Circumstances
  38. Hunter x Hunter
  39. Ikkyu-san
  40. Inu-Yasha
  41. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  42. K-On
  43. Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Emperor Leo)
  44. Kimiguri Orange Road
  45. Kinnikuman
  46. Love Hina
  47. Lucky Star
  48. Lupin III
  49. Macross
  50. Magic Knight Rayearth
  51. Maison Ikkoku
  52. Mazinger Z
  53. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  54. Mobile Police Patlabor
  55. Mobile Suit Gundam
  56. Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun
  57. Negima
  58. Neo-Human Casshern
  59. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  60. Obake No Q-taro
  61. Oishinbo
  62. Ojamanga Yamada-kun
  63. Osomatsu-kun
  64. Outlaw Star
  65. Pretty Cure (Any of them!)
  66. Prince of Tennis
  67. Queen Esmeraldas
  68. Ranma 1/2
  69. Revolutionary Girl Utena
  70. Rose of Versailles
  71. Rurouni Kenshin
  72. Saber Marionette J
  73. Sailor Moon
  74. Saint Seiya
  75. Samurai Champloo
  76. Serial Experiments Lain
  77. Slam Dunk
  78. Slayers
  79. Space Cruiser Yamato
  80. Speed Racer (Mach GoGoGo)
  81. Teknoman (Tekkaman Blade)
  82. Tenchi Universe (the TV series that followed the Tenchi OAV)
  83. Tensai Bakabon
  84. Time Bokan
  85. Trigun
  86. Umi no Triton (usually romanized as Triton of the Sea)
  87. Urusei Yatsura
  88. Vision of Escaflowne
  89. Voltron (GoLion)
  90. Wedding Peach
  91. Weiss Cruz
  92. Witch Hunter Robin
  93. Wolf’s Rain
  94. X
  95. Xabungle
  96. Yattaman (often romanized as “Yatterman”)
  97. Yokai Ningen Bem
  98. Yu Yu Hakusho
  99. Zatch Bell!
  100. Zenki

And believe me… I COULD GO ON!

You wanna talk to Otaku?!  YOU WANNA TALK OTAKU?!?!?!  I have gone by the handle of “OTAKUMAN” for a decade or more, and if anyone thinks they’re Otaku enough to hang with me, then they better BRING IT!

[Insert Cool/Awesome/Swag picture here to emphasize point]

#It’sAnimeNotAnimes #GrammarPolice

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So girls and guys-

everyone who want me to force read homestuck reblog thiss-

the number of the notes will be the number that i will read-

I bet the number wont be high tho-

you have a 7 day limit

can you guys turn me into a homestuck


assuming direct control

wtf is that, is that happning in the thing

yes that’s part of the comic

Adding one more page to the pile.  You’re going to have a great next 2 years!  :)

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Original comic:

Check out tumblr user yourheadcanon for more good arts and comics! 


Davesprite - Alex 
Jade Harley - Adoxographist


Showtime (Piano Refrain) - Malcolm Brown and Kevin Regamey

Davesprite - Toby “Radiation” Fox

On youtube, the video is titled “Time Remaining,” but the alt title is “Big Fat Seven Inch Clock.” (Alex suggested both)

WOOPS, I FORGOT TO CREDIT FOR MUSIC. Please reblog this one instead. ;w;

I always love it when you guys do fan comics.  :)

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